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We, in the Learning Ladybird Team, are committed to making learning both engaging and exciting for every child in our class and we hope that you will be able to come to the classroom regularly to see just how special learning through play continues to be during the reception year of the Foundation Stage.


We will teach a rich and varied curriculum which will encapsulate the Early Learning Goals throughout the school year. We believe strongly in continuous provision, which enables children to discover and explore for sustained periods in order to embed their learning in many different ways. “It is as they play that children bring together everything they think about and know of people and their lives as a whole. We could say that play co-ordinated a child’s learning. It helps children to make sense of what they learn.” Tina Bruce, Tuning into Children.


We see outdoor learning as equal to learning inside and expect our children’s play to be “…louder, messier, include more movement, be on a larger scale or include the natural or build environment.” (National Strategies: Early Years, 2008 p. 45)


At St Peter’s parents are welcomed to class to share learning very regularly, with a session of Discover and Explore being open to families to attend one afternoon each week in addition to parents/carers being offered the chance to learn with their children for a morning each term. We also love our shared reading sessions which we run first thing in the morning twice a term.


We teach phonics daily and hear children read on a regular basis; reading for pleasure is an essential part of life as a Learning Ladybird.


Below are a few documents which you may find useful.


If you have any questions, please come and see us!



God Bless,

Miss Vedamuttu, Mr Tierney,  Mrs Jennings and Mrs Vigar

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