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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Register of Attendance

Date of Meeting 11/07/16 19/07/17 16/01/18 13/03/18  
Mrs Stephanie Bassett P P P P  
 Mr Andrew Rye P P P P  
 Mr Carl Thomason A A AA A  
 Mr Christopher Keene P AA AA AA  
 Mrs Joanne Langley P P P AA  
 Mrs Colleen Owen P P P P  
 Mrs Mandy Towsey P P P P  
 Mrs Hayley Kingsnorth P P P P  
 Mrs Briony Woolley A A P AA  
 Mrs Stella Jones P P P AA  
Mrs Miriam Lynch P P P P  

Mr Michael Hutchinson

(prospective governor)

  P P AA  
 P = Present
 AA = Apologies Accepted
 A = Absent
Please remember to apply sun cream, ensure your child has a sun hat and water bottle.