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Archived Work - Term 4

Hi there everyone…we in the Ladybird team are going to miss you all very much over the next few weeks. The most important thing that you all need to do is to stay safe and spend some quality time at home with your families!


Whilst you are at home, we want you to keep learning – so far you have been amazing and we really want you to keep it up. Here is a list of things you could do and websites you could visit during our enforced break:


  • Play games including board games –if you don’t have any, try and make your own game – create your own shape, letter, number game, eg Uno or number snap.
  • Cooking with mum…or dad! – have an indoor picnic.
  • Draw, paint and build.
  • Keep those bedrooms clean! 
  • Tell stories and role play your ideas.
  • Maths / spelling shed – please see login details in pack – each child has been set various phonics and maths tasks, all to be done through playing games – children won’t be able to move on to the next task unless they have played 3 games linked to the current task.
  • Talk to your families.
  • Play in your back gardens – what can you see, hear, smell and touch? Collect some nature objects and make a collage. Talk about seasonal change.
  • Make some puppets and put on a puppet show.
  • Make a list of things to count around the house – windows, doors, lights, switches, photos etc – then walk around and count – can you write down how many you find? What shapes can you see?
  • Use Lego to create towers – can you make different letters or numbers? Can you make one taller than the sofa? The dining room table? The door handle? Can you use mathematical language, such as bigger or smaller?
  • Try to write everyday – lists, notes, stories! J
  • Sketch a picture.
  • Play Diagraph I Spy – e.g. I see something beginning with a sh.
  • Fill a container with water – put some plastic toys in and explore and play. Can you use the mathematical language of heavier or lighter?
  • Write a list of numbers and get the children to show that number in dots above it or in pasta from your cupboard! J
  • Go on a toy hunt – collect 5-8 toys from around the house – can you use language of bigger and smaller and then order them by size?
  • Find diagraphs in books - qu, ch, th, sh, ng and ai.
  • Alphabet hunt – write out all the letters of the alphabet (Phase 2 sounds) and hide them around the house – get the children to find them and say them – include some of the Phase 3 sounds we have been learning qu, ch, th, sh, ng and ai.
  • Count to and from 20 – sing counting songs.
  • Practice reading.
  •   (free trial)
  • Create a repeating pattern – use different colours.
  • Grow a seed into a plant.
  • Move like a dinosaur.
  • Practise number bonds to 10 or 20 – try some adding and subtracting using objects – e.g. Count out 10 cars. Take away 6 cars. How many cars do you have left? Can you write it in a number sentence? 10 – 6 = 4
  • Build an indoor den.
  • Make a scrapbook of your favourite things and people – can you label them?


If you do something that you are really proud of, could you upload it to EExAT so we can have a look or email it to:


Hopefully we’ll be back at school soon and you can tell us about your adventures…stay safe out there everyone! 


Mr Tierney, Mrs Jennings, Mrs Viotto & Mrs Martin x

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