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English and Maths



This week's story is 'What the Ladybird Heard at the Seaside' which can be watched using the link below.




In the story, Lanky Len and Hefty Hugh tried to steal something that didn't belong to them.  Make two wanted posters - one for Lanky Len and one for Hefty Hugh.  Detail their crimes and describe each character so that they can be found.




Describe the plan that the ladybird came up with to stop the robbers from stealing the mermaid's hair.  What was the plan and did it work?




If the ladybird had asked you for help in the story, what would you have done to stop the robbers stealing the mermaid's hair?  




The mermaid was extremely grateful to the ladybird for stopping the robbers from taking her hair.  Write a letter from the mermaid to the ladybird thanking him for his help.




At the end of the story, the robbers realised that their plan hadn't worked.  Where do you think they went next?  Do you think they ever tried to steal again?`



For maths this week there are a series of booklets that you can work your way through which recap some of the maths we have learnt this year.  I have also included some fun activities for you to try at home.

Maths Mystery Games
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