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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

‘A love for God, ourselves and others’


Daily Work (English, Maths, Science, RE, Art, etc.)

Daily Work - 


This will change every day and could include: 

                                             - Maths

                                             - English (reading, writing or handwriting)

                                             - Science, History, Geography, Art, DT, etc...






Keeping busy during summer! -





- You could challenge yourself and get ahead of the game by doing some Year 5 lessons on BBC Bitesize:


- Or, if you feel you would like to go back over some Year 4 learning and make sure your knowledge is extra strong, you could do some Year 4 lessons on BBC Bitesize:


- Keep practising your Times Tables on TT Rockstars (You have your log-in for this website)


- Keep reading any and all books you can get your hands on, and get a family member to quiz you! (AR will re-open in September)


- Keep working on Guided Reading via ReadTheory (You have your log-in for this website)


- Practise the Year 4 and Year 5 spellings on SpellingsFrame to secure your knowledge AND get ahead of the game!

St Peter's Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
The school is now closed for the summer holidays. Term 1 starts on 2 September 2020.