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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

‘A love for God, ourselves and others’



Week Ending 20/05/22


Year RHenryAlways being a faithful friend
Year 1JeronAlways giving thoughtful respones in RE
Year 2AvaBelieving in her abilities in SATs week
Year 3ZuzannaPersevering and having faith to learn her words for our assembly
Year 4BrielleShowing strength and bravery in herself
Year 5Emmanuel

Demonstrating faith in himself and others; taking the time and trouble to collect prayer

intentions from everyone and ensuring they are offered in our prayers

Year 6CalebShowing faith in his peers by offering them help and support when they needed it.


Week Ending 06/05/22


Year RBenFaithful and considered response during RHE
Year 1TamiFaith in her abilities and producing an amazing piece of writing
Year 2DylanFaith in his own ability and trying really hard in maths
Year 3LottieFaith in her abilities and getting a Wow in science
Year 4ScarlettGreat work in big questions, showing maturity and faith
Year 5Sky Kindness and faith in others when helping them
Year 6GloryHaving faith in herself and sharing her talents with us this week


Week Ending 22/04/22


Year RKaiHaving faith in himself and answering with confidence
Year 1VioletBelieving in her maths ability and working through some tricky questions
Year 2George BHaving faith in his own ability
Year 3ArabellaHaving faith in her abilities this week - maths
Year 4LukasFaith in himself in drama lessons
Year 5PraiseShowing good manners and kindness to everyone
Year 6RyanAlways showing faith in himself during our lessons


Week Ending 25/02/22


Year RIasminFor having faith in her friends and sharing with them
Year 1PedroAlways persevering in his work
Year 2GabrieliusHaving faith in his own ability
Year 3JosephApplying and extending his faith in RE
Year 4SeamusGreat RE input
Year 5EmilyGoing above and beyond to help others
Year 6RubyShowing faith in her self during maths


Week Ending 04/03/22


Year RThomasHaving faith in his abilities
Year 1JakubThoughtful answers in RE
Year 2NasiahGreat answers in RE
Year 3ZuzannaFantastic contributions in RE
Year 4KadenHaving faith in himself and others
Year 5EvaExcellent observations in lessons
Year 6DaisyShowing faith in herself and persevering in her algebra lessons


Week Ending 04/02/22


Year RPersephonealways having faith in her abilities
Year 1Jeronthoughtful answer in RE this week
Year 2Naetohaving faith in his own ability
Year 3Jordanhaving faith in his swimming abilities and growing in confidence
Year 4Serenashowing faith in herself and bravery coming back into school after her injury
Year 5Leoimproved participation and positive attitude in class
Year 6Lilyshowing faith in her abilities during our maths lesson


Week Ending 05/11/21


Year RDylanFaith in himself
Year 1HugoThoughtful contribution to class prayer
Year 2ChimazuFaith in friends and looking after them
Year 3 ElissaGreat understanding in RE
Year 4GraceContributing to prayers and faith in others
Year 5ArhamConsiderate to others, faith in daily life
Year 6Roman Faith in history knowledge


Week Ending 01/10/21

Week Ending 10.09.21

St Peter's Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
The school is now closed for the summer holidays