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19.10.2021 - Art Final Piece! We have finished our paintings based on Laura Bifano's art. We drew our outlines, mixed our paints and painted our pictures totally independently to create these wonderful finished pieces!

15.10.2021 - Sharing food from the variety of cultures within our school community! Today we were very lucky to have lots of children and parents bring in food from their family's culture. The food was all delicious and I know that staff, children and parents all had a wonderful time experiencing these new foods. A delicious afternoon for year 6!

13.10.2021 - Dancing Workshop! Today we had a dancing workshop where we learnt a traditional African dance from our instructor, who was from Tanzania! He taught us a dance which is traditionally used for communication. It was really interesting and very fun!

12.10.2021 - Drumming Workshop! Today we had a fantastic visitor come to talk to us about Black History Month and teach us how to drum using a variety of African drums!

08.10.2021 - Pen Pal Letters! Today we received our parcel from our French Pen Pals! We received a lovely letter each along with a rubber. We have started thinking of ideas for what to send them in return!

08.10.2021 - Class Assembly! Today in assembly year 6 had the opportunity to present and share stories from their residential trip to Thriftwood! They did a fantastic job and shared some lovely memories.

27.09.2021 - Owls! Yet another wildlife related treat - we were visited by five different owls today! We learnt about each one and their species, we saw them fly around the hall and we even had a photo taken with the barn owl on our shoulder! What a great experience!

12.09.2021 - Hedgehog Visit! Today we were lucky enough to be visited by two hedgehogs! We were taught about their environments, their diets, their lifestyle and - most importantly - what we can do to protect them.

St Peter's Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
Reminder for children to have a sun hat, sun cream applied and their water bottle in school if the weather forecast is for sunny and hot weather!