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23.02.2022 - Investigating Paper Aeroplanes!

02.03.2022 - Investigating Paper Flowers!

03.03.2022 - Exploring our library on World Book Day!

09.03.2022 - Freezeframing Jesus' journey to Jerusalem

09.03.2022 - Investigating Cleaning Spillages!

17.03.2022 - Old Forge War Time House Trip! A huge thank you goes out to all parents who helped the children with their incredible costumes and props. Also, a huge thank you to the children for being so wonderful on the trip and representing St. Peter's beautifully!

17.03.2022 - Cooking Four Seasons Pizzas! Pizzas with toppings that celebrate all four seasons!

14.03.2022 - Science Day! Investigating how you can get a bottle to flip and land on its base every time!

31.03.2022 - Cooking! Today we made meatballs, pasta and a delicious veggie filled sauce. We were very conscientious of our vegetarian classmates and learnt all about cross contamination.

St Peter's Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
The school is now closed for the summer holidays