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01.07.2022 - Today we had a climbing wall visit the school so we got to enjoy some rock climbing in the sun!

01.07.2022 - In History, we learnt about the events in the Ancient Greek Olympics. We used primary sources to learn about these events and then we played a game of charades to act them out.

28.06.2022 - Exploring Circuits! Today we learnt how to interpret, draw and make simple circuits. We explored some statements by making circuits and supported or refuted them based on our findings.

24.06.2022 - Today we were learning about Ancient Greek Warfare! We picked whether we would learn about a Hoplite, Trireme or Weapon and we had to go hunting for our information in the classroom. We only had thirty seconds out of our seats at a time and the information was very well hidden! We created excellent drawings, diagrams and labels as an end product!

24.04.2022 - Today we had a visit from the NHS Fantastic Fred crew, who put on a hilarious and education performance explaining how we can take care of our mental health.

24.06.2022 - Forest School Lesson 3! This week we got to play Tug of War!

21.06.2022 - Rehearsals are well and truly underway here for our end of year performance of Pirates of the Curry Bean! We can't wait to perform it to you all on Wednesday 13th July!

20.06.2022 - Today we looked at the timeline of ancient and modern civilisations to see where the Greeks fit in. We then looked at key events in the Ancient Greek timeline and had a discussion about them ready to learn about them as the term progresses!

20.06.2022 - Hot seating in RE! Today we were learning about the Sacrament of Holy Orders. We used what we had learnt to come up with some excellent questions to ask a potential priest in a job interview.

17.06.2022 - Our new sculpting skills! Today we learnt a few new techniques: using a slab to begin with, scoring, hollowing, coiling, smoothing, modifying and assembling.

17.06.2022 - Researching Greek Amphoras! Today in art, we were researching Greek vases to inspire our pottery. We presented our research creatively in our sketch books.

16.06.2022 - We created some art work in RE today to show what it looks like to receive God's gifts. We had a selection of art mediums to choose from and we had full creative license over our designs!

16.06.2022 - Today in RE we were revising our knowledge of the Seven Sacraments. As a class, we ordered the Sacraments in the order we thought they happened in our lives and then we went on to discuss the gifts that God bestows upon us at these different life events. We ordered the gifts and decided which ones we valued the most and wrote on post-it notes how we have used those gifts in our lives.

15.06.2022 - Today we had a history workshop to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee! We discussed methods of communication and how they have changed since the 1950s. Once we had learnt about these different methods, we worked in groups to mime different means of communication. Have a look through our photos and see if you can work out which communication methods/devices we were acting out!

15.06.2022 - Today in Science we were researching three different pioneers in electricity: Alessandro Volta, Thomas Edison and Michael Faraday. Next week, we will be writing an explanation text based on our findings.

14.06.2022 - Today we had a debate in English! We were deciding whether the three little pigs were right to boil the wolf at the end of the story or not. We had some really mixed and interesting views, ready for us to write our balanced arguments tomorrow!

14.06.2022 - PCSO Transition Talk. Today we met two local PCSOs who spoke to us about the kind of pressures and dangers we may face at secondary school. This fed really well from our RHE lessons where we have been exploring the dangers of drugs and alcohol. The children had different 'risks' and had to work as a class to decide which things would be the biggest risk and the smallest risk. We then had a chance to ask questions about transitioning and what it will be like in September at our new schools.

13.06.2022 - Hula Hooping Workshop! We were so lucky to take part in a hula hooping workshop today outside in the sunshine. Our isntructor showed us an amazing routine to begin with and then she showed us moves one by one for us to practice. We had a chance to show our new skills to the rest of the class before we finally had a competition at the end to see who could hula hoop the longest in the whole class! What a fantastic workshop!

13.06.2022 - In RE today, we read an analogy by Mother Teresa about how we serve God and how God serves us. We worked in groups to come up with our own analogies and they were quite beautiful!

10.06.22 - Ancient Greek Architecture! Today we learnt about Ancient Greek buildings and their features, particularly columns. We used water colours to paint backgrounds for our drawings of Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns. Once we completed this, we used chalk and charcoal to create drawings of Ionic columns, baring in mind our light source and how this affects the look of the column.

10.06.2022 - Today we had our final session with Hope Not Hate and we learnt about harmful language. It was really interesting and we understood how simple jokes and banter can turn into something more serious if we are not considerate of other people's feelings.

09.06.2022 - This week in Forest School, we played hide and seek and built dens. We had some very funny background stories for our dens too! A fantastic afternoon in the sunshine.

09.06.2022 - We have completed some really interesting maths challenges this week! First, we practiced using a protractor and used this to help us to decorate some geometric animals. We also completed a chessboard challenge which ended up with a number in the quintillions! And then we also had a go at solving Einstein's Riddle, which really got us thinking!

06.06.2022 - Today we kicked off this term's computing unit. We are going to be learning about spreadsheets and using Microsoft Excel to facilitate this. Today, we familiarised ourselves with the programme by working through a list of short tasks and ending by creating an image out of cells.

06.06.2022 - Today in RE, we were learning about Steve Jobs, who is an inspirational Buddhist. The lotus flower represents good fortune in Buddhism, so we made our own lotus flowers all about Steve Jobs' life, accomplishments, faith and legacy.

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