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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

‘A love for God, ourselves and others’



St Peter's Catholic Primary School

Governing Body


Chair of Governors: Mrs J Langley

Members of the Governing Body
Governor Name  Governor Role   Term of Office Dates  Length of Term Personal or Pecuniary Interests 


Foundation Governors

Mrs Joanne Langley

Chair of Governors 


07.10.19 - 06.10.23  4 years


Owner of Make It Sweet

Mrs Miriam Lynch

Early Years Foundation Stage


07.11.16 - 06.11.20 4 years  
Mrs Melissa Everest  

04.04.19 -


4 years Parent


Executive Principal Governor

Mrs Sara Wakefield Executive Principal Governor - Banking Signatory    n/a Staff


Staff Governor

Miss Rebecca Sewell   04.12.18 - 03.12.22 4 years Staff


Parent Governors

Mr Michael Hutchinson Safeguarding

19.09.19 -


4 years

Parent of 2 children

Owner of Claire's Inflatables


Co-opted Governor

Mr Sodhi Singh Mann

School Culture

25.11.19 - 24.11.23

 4 years




Clerk to Governors

Mr Philip Barham Clerk to Governors      

Record of Governor Attendance - From September 2019



Date of Meeting




 Mr Christopher Keene P    
 Mrs Joanne Langley P    
 Mrs Sara Wakefield P    
Mrs Miriam Lynch P    
Mr Michael Hutchinson P    
Miss Rebecca Sewell P    
Mr Sodhi Singh-Mann P    


 P = Present
 AA = Apologies Accepted
 A = Absent

Please ensure you check the school website and your SchoolApp notifications for up to date messages from the school. In the event of bad weather, communications will be sent at 7 am.