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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

‘A love for God, ourselves and others’



Week Ending 13/05/22


Year RAidanShowing a love for his learning
Year 1KunsiLove of learning in all his work
Year 2 NylaHelping others put their books away
Year 3KulrajShowing love to his friends
Year 4TJBeing kind and offering help
Year 6NiamhDemonstrating true love for art


Week Ending 01/04/22


Year RJakubFor showing love and care in his work
Year 1JeronFor always supporting his classmates
Year 2JanFor showing love to his friends
Year 3NoahFor always showing kindness and love to his friends and to staff
Year 4TobyFor showing kindness and friendship to everybody
Year 5Elliot RFor always offering to help his peers and his teachers once he has finished his work
Year 6JuliaFor showing a love for learning in all areas of the curriculum



Week Ending 11/02/22


Year RTeddyShowing love to friends
Year 1AaronLove and concern for sister
Year 2AvaLove to friends
Year 3PercyConsiderate and kind to peer
Year 4Whole ClassSupporting during first swim lesson
Year 5FikayoLove to new friend Elizabeth
Year 6EmilyLove for Learning


Week Ending 21/10/21


Year RHarpershowing love and friendship to her friends
Year 1Evangelineher enthusiasm and love of learning
Year 2Tobyalways having a smile on his face and a positive attitude
Year 3Mollyalways being kind and caring to members of the class and staff
Year 4Darcyfor always showing kindness to her class mates
Year 5Praiseoutstanding behaviour and always showing respect to others
Year 6Danielshowing love and care towards a classmate and helping them with their work when they found writing difficult


Week Ending 03/12/21


Year RIsabelleShowing her love to her friends, especially if they get hurt
Year 1ShummayyahHer enthusiasm in all that she learns
Year 2Aiden TShowing love to his friends
Year 3Anna being a caring friend and member of the class
Year 4ClaudiaShowing kindness to her class mates
Year 5Mateihis supportive attitude and caring ways with his peers
Year 6Adam ZAlways demonstrating a love for hearing and showing enthusiasm for his lesson


Week Ending 18/06/21

Week Ending 21.05.21

Week Ending 30.04.21

Week Ending 12.03.21

Week Ending 26.02.21

Week Ending 22.01.21

Week Ending 02.11.20

Week Ending 16.10.20

Week Ending 02.10.20

Week Ending 11.09.20

St Peter's Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
St Peter's will be holding their Jubilee Street Party on Friday 27th May from midday - parents welcome