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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

‘A love for God, ourselves and others’



Week Ending 13/05/22


Year RHeiliShowing respect to her friends
Year 1AdamAlways being polite
Year 2KeevaHelping others put books away
Year 3Anna Consistently showing respect in class
Year 4JorjiAlways showing respect to friends
Year 5TimiRespectful nature towards his peers
Year 6CallumRespectful nature towards his peers


Week Ending 18/03/22


Year RDukeShowing respect to friends and adults
Year 1ElijahExcellent manners
Year 2EllaRespecting her work and trying hard on homework
Year 3KyrellRespectful towards his instrument in music and showing respect in class
Year 4BellaAlways listening and doing the right thing
Year 5EmmanuelSensitive and respectful towards the situation in Ukraine
Year 6SimniBeing so respectful and helpful when interacting with staff and peers


Week Ending 25/02/22


Year RJayoFor listening and showing respect in class
Year 1MiaAlways displaying good manners to both adults and peers
Year 2ChimazuFor respecting his classroom, adults and peers
Year 3OliviaFor always considering the feelings of others and being respectful in class
Year 4AdrielFor always being respectful and polite and setting a great example to everybody
Year 5ErikaFor settling in beautifully and demonstrating the school ethos always showing respect
Year 6Adam JFor showing respect for his peers and himself when learning in a group


Week Ending: 14/01/22


Year RJeremiahShowing great faith in his RE lessons
Year 1CiaraThoughtful responses in RE
Year 2JanExcellent art work demonstrating his faith
Year 3KyrellBeing brave, have faith in his ability with swimming and growing in confidence
Year 4KianFaith in his learning and growing in confidence in all areas of his learning
Year 5TimiGreat faith in all his learning
Year 6RomanShowing great insight in his answers he gave during RE


Week Ending: 10/12/21


Year RMateiRespect to his friends
Year 1RebeccaFor being a supportive member of the class
Year 2NaetoFor showing respect in his dealings with his friends - always using kind words
Year 3ZuzannaAlways listening, showing consideration to others and being respectful to friends and staff
Year 4ClaudiaAlways respectful to teachers and classmates
Year 5ToluRespect to her classmates, teachers and lovely manners
Year 6Carsten & SinmiAlways showing respect to every adult in the school


Week Ending: 19/11/21


Year R

Emma-RoseShowing respect to her friends by listening to their opinions
Year 1ArianaAlways being polite and caring towards adults and peers
Year 2ElsahHelping her peers in class
Year 3JosephAlways listening and being polite
Year 4LukasAlways showing respect to everyone 
Year 5ElliottBeing respectful to adults and classmates
Year 6McKenzieBeing respectful to his peers, staff and himself by being hardworking, polite and kind

Week Ending: 15/10/21


Year RHenry HShowing respect to all his classmates
Year 1TaniLooking after his friends when they were upset
Year 2George BAlways showing respect
Year 3RodacrisAlways waiting patiently to speak and thinking of others
Year 4AdrielLovely manners
Year 5HeidiRespectful to others and demonstrating this in group work and daily life in school
Year 6KieranAlways being respectful of his personal staff


Week Ending 24/09/21

St Peter's Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
The school is now closed for the summer holidays