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Week 1 - The Gingerbread Man

Monday 20th April


This week's challenges will be based on The Gingerbread Man.


Phonics: Please keep practising your phonics every day - 10 or 15 minutes is all you need to do. Please continue to work through the Phase 3 sounds at your own speed. You can find lots of new games in the Phonics Phase 3 section. Can you sound out any of the characters or animals from The Gingerbread Man?


Tricky words: Please keep practising the Phase 2 and 3 tricky words. Can you think of a sentence with a tricky word in it?


Reading: It is important that you continue to read every day. Last term, I had some great photos of children reading in funny places - could you all try to send me another one?? You could be in the garden, upside down on the sofa, in the bath (clothes on and no water!! ) sitting in the sink, hiding in your wardrobe, under the table - wherever you are make sure that your enjoying a book! Try reading The Gingerbread Man every day with your mum or dad...or brother or sister so you know the story really well.


Drama: Could you dress up as any of the characters and act out the story? Or could you retell the story to your teddies? Would you be able to make a puppet of the Gingerbread Man and retell the story to your mum or dad?


Writing: Can you write a simple sentence about the Gingerbread Man? Are you able to imagine how the different characters were feeling - could you write a simple sentence as one of those characters? Get mummy or daddy to take a photo of it and send it to me or put it on EExAT.


Maths: Keep practising writing your numbers to 20. Count out a group of toys - can you take some away? How many do you have left? Write a number sentence for it, for example: 14 - 6 = 8. Using toy cars or little toy figures (or whatever you have), could you measure different things around the house? For example, the door handle is 15 toy cars high. The milk container is 3 toy cars long. Email me a photo of you working or upload it to EExAT.


Science: Have a go at one of the Gingerbread Man science experiments that I have put up or try one of your own - you might need an adult to help you.


Art & Design: Can you design your own Gingerbread Man?


Lucky Dip: Surprise me! Send me a photo or video of you learning to do something that I wouldn't expect!


If you want more to do (surprise smiley), below you will find lots of activities linked to The Gingerbread Man.


Good luck!  


Mr T smiley

The Gingerbread Man

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