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Week 5 - Little Red Riding Hood

Monday 18th May


This week's challenges will be based on Little Red Riding Hood.


Phonics: Please keep practising your phonics every day and continue to work through the Phase 3 sounds at your own speed. Keep working on the tricky words.


Reading: It is important that you continue to read every day. Try reading ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ with your mum or dad so you know the story really well.  Sound out some of the words by yourself. Can you join in with parts of the story that you know?


Drama: Could you act out the story using the role play masks? Could you retell the story to your teddies?


Writing: Can you use descriptive words to describe the characters or items in the story? For example, ‘The big, bad wolf had sharp teeth’ or ‘Grandma had big eyes!’ Could you make a ‘Wanted’ poster for the wolf? Could you write a thank you note to the woodcutter who saved Little Red Riding Hood? Get mummy or daddy to take a photo of your writing and send it to me or put it on EExAT.


Maths: Can you order the images from smallest to largest or play the loop card game with someone at home. Try some of the doubling and halving challenges as well as the addition and subtraction problems. Email me a photo of you working or upload it to EExAT.


Understanding The World: Design a new cape for Little Red Riding Hood to keep her dry in the rain. Grandma wants an ice lolly but they’ll melt on the way to her house – how could you keep them frozen?


Art & Design: Trying building a Lego 'Little Red Riding Hood' maze. Could you use leaves, twigs, bark, sticks and the cut out characters to make your own path to grandma’s cottage?



Music: Try singing some of the songs with mummy or daddy.


Lucky Dip: Surprise me! Send me a photo or video of you learning to do something that I wouldn't expect!


Good luck and have fun! 


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Little Red Riding Hood

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Hungry Wolf

Little Girl in Your Red Hood

Little Red is Very Good

Mind the Wolf

This Bad Wolf

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