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Week commencing 15th June





This week we are learning all about telling the time - get your clocks and watches ready!

Go through the powerpoint below and then answer the questions in the second document.



This week we will be using The Rainbow Fish as our text.


For today's task, watch the story via the link, then go through the Amazing Adjectives powerpoint.  On the last slide, there is a task for you to complete today.





Have a go at the worksheet below - remember what you learnt yesterday!



At the start of the story, the rainbow fish wasn't very kind to the other fish that he met.  Write a recipe for friendship to help the rainbow fish make more friends. 





Today you have some clock faces showing certain times.  Write the time underneath each clock face.  Remember that the big hand shows the minutes, and the little hand the hours.



There are lots of ways of being a good friend.  One of them is being kind.  Think of time you were kind to your friend.  Write about what happened and how you were kind.  How did it make you and your friend feel?





Today we will be learning about digital clocks.  These types of clocks show the time using just numbers whereas an analogue clock uses hands (big hand for the minutes and little hand for the hours).  Have a go at the sheet below and see if you can match the digital and analogue times.



Yesterday you wrote about a time when you had been a good friend to someone else.  Today, I would like you to think of some acts of kindness which you could do at home.  Write them on bits of paper and put them into a jar.  Pick one each day and try to complete it.

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