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Week commencing 22nd June



This week we will be learning about money.  If your parents have any notes or coins at home, ask to have a look at them.  Talk about the value of each note / coin.  Can you tell from the colour of the note or the shape / colour of the coin how much they are worth?




Once you have looked at the coins at home, go through the powerpoint below.  Parents this is an interactive powerpoint so please don't print it off!


Complete the coin detective sheet below - you will need some colouring pencils for this.



Now that you are familiar with the different coins and notes we have, today you are going to try adding with coins.  The sheet below has a variety of levels of challenge - choose the one that is best for you.



Today's activity is a twist on yesterday's work.  Remember that £1 is the same as 100 pence.  The sheet below asks you to count up how much there is in pence, then work out how much that is in pounds and pence.  Parents the last sheet is the answer sheet!



Today we are going to be adding coins and notes.  The activity has 3 levels of challenge - pick the right level for you.

A useful document to help you


The poster below shows the value of each note and coin that we have here in the United Kingdom.  I have included the second document to cover you for printing money!

St Peter's Catholic Primary School Wider Opening Risk Assessment
Reminder for children to have a sun hat, sun cream applied and their water bottle in school if the weather forecast is for sunny and hot weather!