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Week commencing 4th May



Maths problem of the day



Go through the powerpoint on number doubles then complete the sheet below on number doubles to 10. 


Once you have done this try and find some other number doubles for any number up to 50.  Remember to write them in your book!

English - The Snail and the Whale


Watch or read the story of the Snail and the Whale.  Choose one of the places that the snail and the whale visit and write a diary entry as the snail about her time there.  Remember to start 'Dear Diary'. 



Maths problem of the day

Maths - arrays


Go through the Amazing Arrays powerpoint.  Once you have done this, play the arrays games below.

English - The Snail and the Whale


In the story, the whale gets stuck on the beach.  Write a letter to the school children asking them to come and help get the whale back into the ocean.



Maths problem of the day

Maths - arrays


Complete the sheet below on arrays (parents, one of the pages has the answers if that helps!).

English - The Snail and the Whale


The snail and the whale travel across the ocean to visit many places.  Using the ocean as your setting, what would you see and hear?  Write a setting description about the ocean.



Maths problem of the day



Complete the grid to show your understanding of what you have learnt this week.

English - The Snail and the Whale


Imagine you were the snail in the story and you could go anywhere you wanted to.  Where would you go?  Write a list of the items you would take with you and explain why you would take them.

Other work set




On the 8th May, we are celebrating 75 years since VE day.  What was VE day?  What happened on that day?  Why is it so important?




Make some decorations to decorate your house on VE day.  There are some documents below that you could use.  Take photographs once you have done.  




During World War 2, food was rationed.  This meant that you could only have a certain amount of most foods.  Recipes had to be adapted to make the most of what people had.  Choose a recipe from the book below and make something for you and your family to eat.  



Have a go at the VE day reading comprehension.  There are the usual degrees of difficulty - please be honest and pick the right level for you!

Useful documents to support this week's tasks


Please find below a series of documents that you will find useful this week.



The sounds you focused on this week were ay (same as ai), ou (same as ow), ie (same as igh) and ea (same as ee).  Below are the phoneme spotter games you played.

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