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Week commencing 6th July



This week's story is 'Barry The Fish with Fingers' which can be watched using the link below.




Barry is a very skilled fish and shares a lot of his skills in the story.  Make a list of the amazing things he can do and make a separate list of the amazing things you can do.  Do you share any skills with Barry?




In the story, Barry stops Puffy getting hurt.  This is a very brave thing to do and Barry becomes a hero.  Write a diary entry as if you were Barry and describe what happened and how you rescued Puffy.




Barry had a party to celebrate the fact that Puffy was safe.  Write an invitation to the party that Barry can send to his friends.  Think carefully about the information you will need to include so that everyone knows where to come and when.  Don't forget to include RSVP at the end.  Can you find out what these letters stand for and what language they are in?




Every party needs some party food!  What sort of food do you think Barry and his friends would be eating?  Make a list of fish friendly dishes that Barry could serve to his guests.





This week we will be learning about numbers to and including 100.




Go through the powerpoint below.  Once you have done this have a go at the sheets - can you rebuild a 100 square correctly?



Some of my 100 squares have got muddled up and some of the numbers are in the wrong place.  Take a look at the sheets below and circle the numbers that are in the wrong place.



Today I would like you to go through the questions on the sheet below.  This will remind you about place value and numbers - there shouldn't be anything new here but it is important that you remind yourselves about this work before we move on tomorrow!



By now you should remember the different ways to represent numbers!  Did you remember how to partition numbers using the part whole model?  What about Dienes blocks?


Today, try these questions where you will be working with bigger numbers.

Friday - RE


Today in RE, I would like you to go outside and find somewhere to either sit or stand. 


Now close your eyes....


What can you hear?


Open your eyes.....


What can you see?  What is above you?  If you were to go outside at night, what would you see?


Now consider this - we are all neighbours and we all share the same sky.  It doesn't matter where we live we all look up and see they sky above our heads.


King David (who was an ancestor of Jesus) wrote a psalm about the sky.  This story imagines when and where he wrote it. 


One morning, King David woke up very early.  Everything was bright and beautiful.  Even though he could not see it, he knew that the sun had risen in the sky.  David was a good king.  He often thought about the people he was a neighbour to - all of the people who lived in his land.


He thought about them looking up at the same sky, seeing the same sun, feeling the same light and warmth as himself.  "How wonderful God is!" he thought.  He knew the golden sun spread the message of God's love for neighbours all over the world.  He wanted his people to know this too.


Read the psalm that King David wrote below.  


Now I want you to draw a picture of the day or night sky.  Make sure you include the relevant features (stars / moon for night time; sun and clouds for day time).  Once you have done this, think about your favourite line from the psalm and write it underneath your picture.



Think about the different plants that grow throughout the year.  You might need to do some research on this - make sure an adult helps you if you are using the internet.  Make a chart of plants that grow in each of the different seasons.  Remember that the four seasons are spring, summer, autumn and winter.


How many types of fruit and vegetables can you find?  Which fruits / vegetables do we eat more in summer?  Which ones in winter?  What about flowers?

Maths challenge


Here is a maths mystery game for you to have a go at.  You will need to read the questions carefully and work out which gnome has been up to no good!



In case you are running out of things to read, here is a reading comprehension task about a runaway iceberg. 


Don't forget to sign up for the Kent Libraries Summer Reading Challenge too - I've popped the link below.  Due to current circumstances, this year' challenge will be online.  It would be great to see lots of you taking part in this.

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