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Weeks 3 & 4 - Aliens Love Underpants

Monday 15th June


The next 2 week's challenges will be based on ‘Aliens Love Underpants’.


Phonics: Please keep practising your phonics every day and continue to work through the Phase 3 sounds at your own speed. Focus on the vowel digraphs: 

                                                  ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

The Phonics Play website has excellent games that you can play with the children linked to the different sounds. The Phonics Play comics are also a useful resource to help with practising these Phase 3 digraphs.


Reading: It is important that you continue to read every day. If you have the book, try reading ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ with your mum or dad so you know the story really well. Sound out some of the words by yourself. Can you join in with parts of the story that you know? If you don’t have the book at home, you could watch the videos of Miss Avey or Mr Tierney reading the story or look for an online version.


Writing: Can you use descriptive words to describe some of the aliens in the story? For example, ‘The silly, blue alien has three wobbly eyes on his head.’ Pick your favourite pair of underpants from the story and describe them. Could you write a ‘Missing’ poster for a pair of pants that have disappeared? Look through the story and choose a few words to write out cursively. Get mummy or daddy to take a photo of your writing and send it to me or put it on EExAT.


Maths: Can you order the aliens from smallest to largest? Try some estimating or use some cubes to add, subtract, double or halve. Parents, you could go to and choose an operation. On paper or on a whiteboard get your child to write out a calculation, e.g.

11 + 3 = and then using cubes (or whatever is available at home) get the children to put the items into a group of 11 and a group of 3 – then get them to count out how many they have altogether and write the answer.


If doubling a number, talk about this being 2 groups of the same size. Give the children a number, e.g. 4 and tell them they have to show you 4 items in a group. Then to double this, they need to show 4 more items in another group. To find out what double 4 is, explain to them that they will have to add the two groups together so double 4 will be 8 and they could write this as 4 + 4 = 8. Children, get mummies or daddies to email me a photo of you working or upload it to EExAT.


Understanding the World: Grow a balloon alien or make a flying alien.


Art & Design: Design your own pair of colourful underpants or paint the craziest alien that you can think of.

Look at the 'Design a Silly Alien' and 'Design Your Wackiest Underpants' challenge to enter photo competition!


Music: Try singing some of the songs with mummy or daddy.


Physical Development: Print out lots of different pairs of pants and hide them around the garden – get your child to go and find them, bringing them back one at a time! Lots of physical exercise.


Lucky Dip: Surprise me! Send me a photo or video of you learning to do something that I wouldn't expect!


Good luck and have fun! yes


Mr T smiley

Aliens Love Underpants

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Aliens Love Underpants with Miss Avey

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Aliens From Outer Space

I'm a Little Alien

In a Spaceship

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