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Year 1

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Weekly tasks


Each week, I would like you to undertake some online maths learning through the Maths Shed website.


You should also continue to learn phonics by using the Phonics Hero website (login inside your red book), or the Phonics Play website.  Phonics Play is currently free to access for all parents.  Focus on the phase 5 split digraph sounds of a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e and u-e.  One sound a day!  Play as many different games as you like until you can confidently recognise these sounds.


Spellings.  I have put below a copy of the 100 High Frequency Words sheet that we have been working our way through.  Please make sure that you are using these correctly in your writing and that you are learning the words you are not so confident on yet!


Reading.  Don't forget to read every day.  You could read the books we have sent home or visit the Read Theory website and try some activities on there.  Don't forget that Audible are giving away free online books at the moment and David Walliams is giving away a free audio book each day too.  

High Frequency Words Document

Home Learning - Monday 30th March 2020


Today's home learning will be:


An A-Z challenge.  Find and photograph one object for each letter of the alphabet.  Either email the list to me on the class email address above or post it on the St Peter's Healthy Active Kids page.  


Make a paper aeroplane.  Fly it and then use your feet to measure how far it has travelled.  Record multiple flights on a table in your red book.  What improvements can you make to ensure that your plane flies as far as possible?  Can you find the ideal paper aeroplane model?

Home Learning Tuesday 31st March 2020


Today's home learning will be:


Geography.  Find three interesting facts about Sittingbourne and three interesting facts for Rotorua in New Zealand.  Can you find Rotorua on a map?  


Alternatively, you can make a map  of your house.  Don't forget to label each room! 


DT.  Make a healthy meal (you might need some help from the adults at home!).


Don't forget to email me pictures of your work on the email address at the top of the page!  I love to see what you have been up to! 

Home Learning Wednesday 1st April 2020


Today's home learning will be:


History.  Can you find out the meaning of April Fool's Day?  Why do we celebrate it?  How is it celebrated in other countries?


Alternatively, make a family tree.  Include pictures of you, your brothers / sisters, your parents, grandparents and see how far back you can go! 


Art.  Make a picture of something you love.  You could paint, draw or collage your picture.  


I can't wait to see what you have learnt today!  

Art ideas.

Art ideas.   1 Art ideas for children to display in the window.
Art ideas.   2 Art ideas for children to display in the window.

If you would like photographs of your work to appear, please send them to the email address above. 


Thank you.

As from Thursday 26th March until further notice, St Peter’s Catholic Primary School will be closed. If you are a key worker and require child care assistance, please email: Please stay safe and healthy and adhere to the Government Guidance.