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Year 3

Term Six - Week Seven.

This week (w/c 13.07.20), your teachers are in school and so we would like to direct you to use the daily lessons from the BBC Bitesize  website for directed tasks.

However, since we are nearing the end of term, we will be placing consolidation packs for different maths areas on the website, as well as the weekly tasks of times tables, grammar tasks and a reading comprehension.

Please do keep up your regular reading as well, especially during this strange time, as reading can also provide an escapism into unknown worlds when we're all still stuck inside. 


 We will continue to monitor the homework email address so do please use it if you need to contact us or to send in photos of your work.

  Please click on the logo to complete your AR test.  Good luck!


If you're stuck finding new books to read, try out the ebooks on Kent Libraries online, Oxford Reading Owl ebooks, or Usborne's ebook sale:

 AR Tests

Congratulations year 3! We did indeed move up the scoreboard this week to second place, after year 1.

Well done to the ten children that took a test this week:

Tolu, Tomi, Chloe, Nevaeh, Xavier, Olivia, Elliot J, Daria, Thea and Matei.

Let's see if we can inch further up the scoreboard!

Reading gives us somewhere to go when we have to stay where we are...

Tye found a quiet place outside at school
Nevaeh kept cool whilst reading!
Marianna found peace to read in her bedroom
Eleanor created an outdoors reading tent
Tomi found an unusual quiet spot!
Tolu snuggled up under the blankets to read
Thea found some peace to read up a tree!
Chloe is extreme reading!
Leo found a quiet spot
Milana's making use of the trampoline to read
Daria found curled up in bed a good place to read
Elliot found five minutes peace on the sofa!
Olivia found a secluded cubby hole outside to read

What we've been up to this week...

Olivia has been looking at caterpillars...
Waiting for them to become butterflies
Milana has been hard at work!
Milana completed her tasks
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