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Year R

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And we're done!


Thank you to all the children and parents of the Learning Ladybird class. It was not the year that we had planned for you, but we would like to say how amazing you all are and how proud we are of you...and your parents! smiley


You are all incredible little humans and it has been fantastic watching you all grow and develop. From those early days in September to now, you have changed so much! Mrs Keene in Year 1 is getting a wonderful class! yes


Now is the time for a rest and a break, it is very important that you all have a brilliant summer holiday. Remember to stay safe and well and have lots of fun!! smiley


Mr Tierney, Mrs Jennings, Mrs Viotto & Mrs Martin x


PS...these pages will remain active so if you get bored and would like to practise anything over the holidays, all the resources will be here! smiley



Term 6 - Weeks 3&4 have been so, so hot!


It's been a hot couple of weeks which has made it all the harder for the children to work, however both in school and at home, our superstars have carried on learning! smiley We have done lots on doubling and halving, whilst securing our understanding of adding and subtracting. Our phonic knowledge of the Phase 3 vowel digraphs is getting much stronger! 


Well done everyone, keep trying your best, it won't be now long until the end of the term!! yes smiley



Term 6 - Weeks 1&2 have flown by!


What a busy 2 weeks it's been back in school...and for those of you learning at home! It has been fantastic to see some happy, smiling faces and to hear laughter and the shouts of joy around the classroom and in the playground - albeit socially distanced!! 


Well done to everyone for all their hard work. smiley



Term 5 - Week 5, over and out!


You made it, it's half term - YAY!!!


Well done to everyone for pushing on and working so well. It's been a long (short) term and I am very proud of you all in these very difficult and strange times!!


Parents, thank you and enjoy the rest, if you can get one that is!! smiley yes



Term 5 - Week 4 done and dusted!


Another week in lockdown and another week whereby you amaze me with your excellent efforts! You have shown great desire to keep learning, even when sometimes it has been tough for you...and your mummies and daddies. Well done Learning Ladybirds, I'm so proud of you all! 


Keep up the hard work! yes smiley



Term 5 - Week 3 in the bag!

Well done Learning Ladybirds! It seems like so long ago since we were all learning together in class but yet again, lots of you have shown amazing effort with your home learning. I am very proud of you all! yes


Well done and keep up the hard work! cheeky



Term 5 - Week 2 smashed!

You guys just kept on learning and working hard! smiley


You all seemed to enjoy reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and I was VERY impressed at the work that I saw lots of you doing.


Well done and keep up the hard work! yes



Term 5 - A big thank you for week 1!

All I can say is WELL DONE AND THANK YOU!! smiley


The response last week to 'The Gingerbread Man' was fantastic and I was HUGELY impressed at the work that I saw lots of you doing. This is a difficult time and is obviously we all wish that you were learning at school, but you all, with the help of your brilliant parents, have adapted so well to the changes and just carried on with your learning!! WOW!! smiley 


Please keep remembering that you are all awesome and the Learning Ladybird team are all so proud of you!! smiley yes


Term 5

Good morning Learning Ladybirds and welcome to Term 5!!


I would much prefer to be welcoming your happy faces back to school after an enjoyable Easter break but unfortunately for now, this is our new 'normal' - but hopefully not for too much longer! I hope that you and your families are all safe and well and that you all received lots of Easter Eggs and have had a nice Easter!


This term I will carry on putting some work up for you to do at home and there will also be things to try on the Healthy Active Facebook page. Had we been at school, we would have been reading different fairy tales and basing our learning on them. So, each week of Term 5 we will work on a different fairy tale, starting with The Gingerbread Man. You will find work linked to each week's fairy tale in the Weekly Learning Tasks section.


I am also putting up new Maths, English and Phonics, Science and Art activities (Home Learning Documents section) and some new websites for you to have a look at, however please don't think that you have to do it all - these are here for you to do if you would like to. I know for some people it's good to have plenty of choice but I don't want anyone feeling like they have to do it all.


Like last term, I would like you to do what you can and whenever you do some great learning, I would love it if your parents could take a photo or video (30 seconds or less) and either email it to me or save it on EExAT so I can see what you have been up to and so I can also add it to our photo gallery here.


Remember to take care, stay safe and have fun.


Mr Tierney smiley

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