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Safer Internet Day - Tuesday 9/2/21

Today is Safer Internet Day.


We want to take today to think about the presence that the internet has in our children’s lives - from the learning they do in school, to Netflix, Disney+ and gaming online at home. We want to think about the impact of the internet, how children can remain safe and how to avoid problems online.


The internet plays a part in all our children's lives, from EYFS right up to Year 6 and beyond. 


Here are some things you could do today - should you wish to!



Please see the assembly below which you can share with your child, along with a script - you can read through the presentation together. 



Also attached below, is an “Internet Safety Fairy Tales” presentation, which gives writing prompts to inspire a modern version of the classic tales, centred on online safety. Perhaps some of our children could dress up and act out one of these tales out or freeze-frame for a photo?



Could you speak to your child about the internet - sometimes, they might see something that worries them or that they are not sure of - what should they do? Who would they speak to? How could they remain safe?


Task 1: Get your child to draw and label the person they would go to and tell if they saw something online that they didn't like or recognise. What might the person they go to for help say? (e.g. Mummy: “Turn it off!”)


Task 2: Get your child to design an Internet Safety Superhero - someone who will keep children safe online. What is their name? What do they do?


Good luck! smiley yes