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Challenge Time

Each week, I will pose a challenge (or 2) for children to have a go at should they wish. If you can, please take a photo of your child taking part and send it to me at: and I'll create a photo gallery of entries. Have fun! smiley



Igloo Challenge

Because we've had so much snow, this week's challenge from Mr T, is to build an igloo!


It could be big enough for you to fit in, or a smaller one for your teddy! Make sure if it's for you, that you get an adult to check it is strong enough before you go inside.


Send me some photos of your efforts and I'll post them in our gallery. Good luck! smiley


Taskmaster Challenge - 8/2/21

This week's task is to create a marble run - if you haven't got a marble use a frozen pea. The winner will be the marble (or pea) that travels the furthest distance, or travels through the most interesting run.


Could you make a run go down the stairs? From the top of your slide? From a table or even a window? You decide!! Video evidence can be submitted to the school email account by Friday lunch time. Have fun! smiley yes


Taskmaster Challenge - 1/2/21

Your task - should you choose to accept it - is to disguise a piece of fruit as something else. It could be a banana turned into batman, a pear converted into a policewoman or a pineapple transformed into an evil monster from outer space!! The list is endless.


There is no limit on resources, just be as creative as you can.


All entries should be sent to:


The winner will be chosen at lunchtime on Friday 5th February. Have fun everyone! smiley


Create a Riddle

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30 Day Life Skills Challenge


Scavenger Hunt

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How Many?

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