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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Pupil Voice

'Science week was brilliant - I enjoyed everything that we did.' - Daniel, Year 5


'I thought it was a fun week and I learnt many new things.' - Niamh, Year 5


'I enjoyed it because it wasn't just experiments but also research.' - Alfie, Year 6


'I liked looking forward to a new science experiment every afternoon. I hope next year we can do this but also have a Science Fair again!' - Amelia, Year 6


'I enjoyed the prism experiment and learnt that periscopes work by refracting light.' Isabelle, Year 6


'It was really fun and the experiments blew my mind like a nuke!' - Timi, Year 4


'Science is my favourite subject and I loved making the skittle rainbow!' - Nevaeh, Year 4


'I loved it! It is so cool how liquids sink in other liquids. I loved it because there was no writing - I love drawing to show my answers.' - Tolu, Year 4


'It was fun and exciting!' - Michelle, Year 3


'Brilliant! Can we do something on robots next year?' - Oliver, Year 3


'It was amazing! I loved having a week of my favourite subject!' - Brielle, Year 3


'I made an aeroplane and it was fun.' - TJ, Year 3