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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week Four

In music this week, we were using cups to create rhythms. We started just by tapping the cups in time with the music to eventually composing our own complex rhythms in time with the music.

Here we are playing Jump Ball in PE this week.

In geography, we answered the question, "What does Spain look like from the sky?' We compared maps of Spain, UK, Madrid and London to see how the Spanish terrain differs from the UK and why.

In RHE, we watched an episode of Paradise Street where one of the characters brags about all of her gifts and talents. We role played how the character should have acted to avoid upsetting their friends.

In science this week, we have been learning about the blood. We learnt that the blood contains four components: plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. To help us embed this learning, we made blood from pineapple juice, raspberries, marshmallows and sprinkles.