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Our Phonics Lead is Mrs Cooper

At St Peter's we have adopted the ReadWriteInc programme to develop our phonics and reading skills.



What is Read Write Inc?

The Read Write Inc. programme is for primary school children learning to read.  It is a phonics based programme which helps children learn to read whilst also developing a wide range of vocabulary and encouraging a love of stories. It was developed by Ruth Miskin and more information on this can be found at .


How do we know RWI works?

Schools embedding this programme have been recognised by OFSTED in the HMI ‘Reading by Six Report’ (November 2010) as an example of how the best schools teach reading.


The links and documents  on this page will hopefully help you to understand the learning intentions and inform you regarding the content of this scheme.

The impact on adopting RWInc can be seen below.


Year 1 children passed the Phonics Screening Check June 2023 with a 83% pass rate.  


Read Write Inc. Phonics: an overview by Ruth Miskin

Ruth Miskin provides an overview of Read Write Inc. Phonics, a complete teaching programme for 5-7 year-olds who are learning to read and write.

Letter Formation (Read, Write, Inc.)

Uploaded by Gina Hanlon on 2020-03-23.

Sounds & Sets

How to say the sounds

Here is a video on how to pronounce the sounds. We call these 'pure sounds' as they are pronounced correctly and clearly. We say them this way all of the time.

Please click the link below to see an example of a Set 3 Read Write Inc lesson being taught at St Peter’s.

How to form letters

Parent Materials


Please find below a selection of resources to help you with Phonics learning at home.  Please test your children regularly on the Red Words.  These are the words the children learning through sight and repetition rather than blending sounds.


For example: the, by, no