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Mathematical Development

Maths Mastery

When in school, we will be using the Maths Mastery approach to mathematical learning with your child. This approach helps children to gain a deeper understanding of maths, allowing them to acquire a secure and long-term understanding of maths that allows them to make continual progress to move onto more complex topics. They will work on various skills such as recognising amounts, reasoning, problem solving and fluency.


Counting Verbally and One to One

Being able to count verbally will be of great benefit to a child starting school. Practise counting up to 10 and try one-to-one counting throughout the day. This could be step counting, how many lampposts you pass on a walk or how many doors you can see! How many pieces of fruit are there in a bowl or how many sweets have you had today? smiley Encourage your child to point to each item as they count and to go slowly, many children rush this and miscount. If counting a group of items, move each item away so they don't count the same one twice.


To help them understand what numbers mean, ask them to find the same amount of different items, e.g. 'find me 3 spoons, 3 toy cars, 3 teddies and 3 socks.' Sing counting songs with them, I've included some below.


Shape, Size and Quantity

Go on a shape hunt around the house or outside. Find examples of circles, squares, rectangles and triangles - how many can they find? Look for examples of patterns too. Talk about the size of objects, e.g. big car, little car, big box, small box - ask your child things like, 'Can you pass me the biggest box?' or 'Pass me the smallest shoe.' 


Number Recognition

Go on a number hunt - can they see numerals on doors, cars, buses, signs in town or at home or on the TV? Play 'I Spy' but with numbers! smiley


Numberblocks | 1-10

Learn all about numbers one to ten with our Numberblock friends.

1-10 Superhero Song

Ten Tall Fingers Song