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Anti-bullying Parents' page

What is bullying?


“Behaviour by an individual or a group, usually repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual either physically or emotionally”.

What to look out for ...


Something about your child's behaviour may alert you to the fact that he or she is being bullied.

Children who are being bullied at school may:


  • be unwilling to go to school, feel ill in the mornings (headaches, tummy aches)
  • come home regularly with clothes or belongings damaged or missing (clothes, pencil cases, books)
  • have unexplained bruising, cuts, scratches
  • become distressed, anxious, withdrawn, lack confidence, look listless and sad
  • have no friends, never want to invite a friend home or go to parties
  • stop eating
  • cry themselves to sleep or have nightmares, especially on Sundays or at end of holidays
  • bed-wetting
  • refuse to talk about what is wrong or about school
  • become aggressive and unreasonable, or bully siblings or other friends
  • give improbable excuses for any of the above