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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

‘A love for God, ourselves and others’


Week Three

In RE, we created pieces of art that represent what it looks like to receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit during Confirmation.

In art this week, half the class posed as soldiers while the other half sketched the rough shape and then we switched. This first-hand observation inspired our abstract designs. Finally, we used pipe cleaners to have a go at modelling wire that will act as the 'skeleton' of our abstract models.

In science this week, we reminded ourselves of simple circuits by role playing how electricity travels around a circuit. We then started building circuits that to investigate how we can change the brightness of a bulb.

In RHE this week, we learnt about how we can give medical assistance to those in need. We role played what we would do in different emergency scenarios. We used DR ABC to help us.

In history, we looked at some replicas of some primary sources, such as ration books, war time recipe books, leaflets on growing your own food etc. We used them to draw conclusions about rationing.