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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week Five

28.11.2022 - Science! This week in science, we had a lesson all about Quirky Creatures. We completed a matching activity to help us embed our knowledge of vertebrates and invertebrates, then we came up with our own quirky creatures that were mixed species. There were some very interesting creations!

01.12.2022 - DT! Our mechanical menagerie is really coming along! After we created our housing last week, this week we added our mechanisms. We used cranks to help us move an element of our creature, such as a tongue or a wing. This was a really tricky lesson but the class worked incredibly hard to get their mechanisms working!

Ongoing Science Investigation! Of course, we are keeping up with our investigation by monitoring our mould growth each day. We have been using tables and grids to help us monitor the mould.