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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week 5


We worked as a class to gather information and produce a class pictogram using the purple mash software. We collected data on our favorite fruit and which pets we would like to have - Guinea Pigs were the resounding winner!


Key words learnt today: Pictogram, title, data, interpret, tally chart.

Today, we had lots of fun on a shape hunt around our classroom to find as many 2d shapes as we could. We then sorted the shapes in to groups depending on their properties.


We came up with our own classification key to sort our 2d shapes. The categories we chose were: it has 3 corners, it has 4 equal sides, it has 4 sides which are not equal, it is round and it is a different shape.


Mrs. Crosby was very impressed with our ideas of how to sort these shapes smiley



We have been perfecting various gymnastics poses, including the tuck, pike, straight, star and straddle.

Repeating Patterns

Children used their shape knowledge to build and discuss repeating patterns.

Scientists at work!

Bethlehem Class became Scientists in lesson today. They completed various tests to determine the properties of certain objects, as well as identifying the material the object was made from. Children then recorded their findings.


Properties being tested were: Is an object bendy or not bendy? Is an object transparent or opaque? Is an object waterproof or not?  Is an object absorbent or not?


One big surprise to the class was that a paper towel is absorbent however grease proof paper is not - one child commented "I now know objects can have different properties even though they are made from the same material"- Fantastic! smiley

Guess the Shape

We discussed the different properties of a variety of 2d shapes. We then put our knowledge to the test by playing the 'Guess the Shape' game. Children had to put their hand in to the feely bag, then describe the shapes properties based on touch alone. Whether or not their classmates could identify the shape determined how successful their description was.