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Years 3 - 4

Recommended by Emily, Year 4 


"My book review is on How to Train your Dragon, How to Steal a Dragons Sword by Cressida Cowell. I love all the books in this series but this one is my favourite because it has lots of adventurous events and you never know what is going to happen next. My favourite character in it is Camacazi, she is a Bog Burglar, which is one of the many societies in the Viking land. She is a good thief because she steal for good reasons. The main three characters are Hiccup, Fishlegs (they are hooligans) and Camacazi. Everyone will enjoy this book". 

Recommended by Penny, Year 3


"The story is about a boy who is very scared of going to the dentist but he goes but Mrs Root is very vicious and evil.  It was funny and a bit scary and sad"


I would rate this book 9/10.

Recommended by Claudia, Year 3


"My favourite book is Charlie and Chocolate Factory.  I like that book because it is very interesting and really nice to read because things happen which you won't expect.  Most of the story happens in the chocolate factory where all different sweets are made.  My favourite character is Charlie, he is the main character and his family is very poor.  I would recommend this story because I think you would like to know how some sweets are made.


The owner of the chocolate factory started to sell chocolate with golden tickets and there were only 5 tickets.  Tickets are an invitation to the chocolate factory.  Charlie is dreaming to get one.  Is he going to get it?

 I would rate this book 9/10.

Recommended by Olivia, Year 4


"This funny, but a little unpleasant non fiction book features 10 horrible children: Dribbling Drew, Bertha the Blubberer, Nigel nit boy, Miss Petula Perpetuat Motion, Peter Picker, Grubby Gertrude, Brian Wong who was never every wrong, Windy Mindy, Earnest Ernest and Sofia Sofa.  I despite these children but my favourite one is Petula!  It is an amazing book altogether.


Recommended by Olivia, Year 4


I would recommend this book for ages that like magical adventures.  This book is about a boy, Harry Potter who little did he know that he survived the greatest dark arts wizard, as well as defeating him.  Now he lived with his muggle aunt and uncle who treated him like a servant, how he would pray to end it! Then out of the blue, he got to go to the world of his dreams, Hogwarts!  Read this amazing wondrous book to see his adventures with his soon to be best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.