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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week 3

World Book Day 2023! We had a lovely morning celebrating World Book Day. We took part in a quiz, watched some of the BBC live lesson, did a Dragon's Den activity inspired by Michael Rosen's story telling method and finally we showed off our beautiful costumes!

In food technology, we cooked a delicious mushroom risotto! We used the bridge and claw techniques to ensure our chopping was safe. We sliced mushrooms, garlic and spring onions. We measured out oil, rice and water. We fried, boiled and steamed. Finally, we sat and enjoyed!

In French, we revised how to say ten different animal names in French and then worked as a team to create French cards so that we could play Snap! or Memory whilst revising these words.

In music, we once again improved our skills on the djembe drums but this week focused on 'call and response' rhythms.

In science, we investigated the best way to clean up a spillage. This was entirely child-led, with each group deciding their definition of 'best', making predictions, deciding how to record results, taking measurements with increased accuracy and writing conclusions. The children then presented their findings to the rest of the class.

In history, we used the laptops to explore the Ancient Greek legacy. We created posters that explain the impact the Greeks had on different areas of life today: maths, language, astronomy, philosophy, architecture etc.

In computing, we continued our work on Microsoft Excel.

We ended our week with a fantastic school trip to the Marlowe Theatre to watch 'Unexpected Twist'.