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Term 1

Term 1 Newsletter

Ordinal Numbers in Maths

We successfully managed to master our ordinal numbers. We recognised that ordinal sounds a bit like ordering and this helped us remember. Mrs. Crosby even tried to trick us by moving around our orders in the line but we were too smart for that! 

Shadows in Science

We investigated how the size of shadows change throughout the day. We also thought about how the different seasons affect the amount of daylight we have. We went out to the field and played a game of shadow tag, not many of us managed to catch our own shadows! wink


This term, we have been learning all about balance and coordination. 


This term in Art, we have been learning about Van Gogh. Today we created a forest scene from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' using some of Van Gogh's techniques. We used different mediums to create texture in our painting, along with adding tint and shade for effect.


We explored where the seven continents are using globes. We then investigated why it is daytime in some countries while it is night in others. We used a torch to represent the sun and slowly spun the globe to show the earth rotating around the sun.


We sang a repeat after me song to focus on our listening skills.

Adding in Maths

Bethlehem class used their bodies to make part-part-whole models to represent numbers we could add together to make a total number. We then had a go at creating our very own part-part-whole models.

Maths Fun

Bethlehem class took it in turns to be the teacher and show the rest of the class their wonderful addition skills! We used pictorial representations to help us form number sentences.

Seasons in Science

Bethlehem class took part in an Autumn walk around our school field. Pupils observed any changes in the environment that would happen during Autumn. We then made our own seasons wheel, recording the features of each season and when they take place throughout the year. Great job Bethlehem Class! smiley