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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week 2

We had a visitor from CAFOD today, who ran an assembly and a workshop to explain what CAFOD are and how they help. We also got to learn more about catholic social teaching and completed a CAFOD task relating to this.

In DT, we learnt the difference between grown, raised and caught food and played a game with actions to help embed our learning.

In history, we answered the enquiry question: what was life like in the city states? We went around the room searching for information about life in Athens, Corinth and Sparta and filled out a table to show off our knowledge.

In music, we enjoyed some more African drumming. We learnt the three types of bang on the drum: bass, tone and slap. We started to compose our own drum beats too, relating to our previous learning of crotchets, quavers and triplets.

For PE this week, we played a game called 'Inside Out'. We had various instructions to follow to test our health and fitness, such as change in movements, change in position, passing the ball etc.

We did some drama in RHE to help us understand the different types of peer pressure we may face in life.

In science this week, we were protecting an egg when dropped from a height of 2m. We had a selection of materials to use and then we went outside to drop our eggs from a height. We did fairly well in creating protective cases for the eggs, but we hadn't considered how we could use air resistance to help us slow the egg down. Either way, we used lots of scientific skills in this lesson, such as making predictions, drawing labelled diagrams, supporting and refuting ideas and drawing conclusions.

We had a dance workshop to celebrate World Book Day. Our workshop was based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which was great fun!