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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Term 5

Week 5: The children have been very artistic this week and have been sketching their final pieces using all the skills they have accumulated this term. In PE, the children and really enjoying the orienteering and working together as a team.

Week 4: We have been testing the strength of different magnetic fields this week and learning how to find the value of non-unit fractions for an amount.

Week 3: We have been on our field trip this week and collected so much evidence for our geography fieldwork. We also learnt about magnetic forces and which objects around us are magnetic.

Week 2: The children have been learning about different forces for science and we ran an experiment to find out which surface had the most friction. In PE the children have been refining their dribbling skills for football.

Week 1: We started the term off by immersing into our new piece of literature The Windmill Farmer by planting our own crop of flowers to care for. We learnt about pushing and pulling forces and which force we use for different movements.