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Week 6

Dear Diary...

We wrote diary entries detailing the angel Gabriel's visit from the perspective of the shepherds and Mary.


We moved on to the pictorial element of our time learning. We worked in pairs to identify the time shown in a clock image, before putting a peg on the correct option. We then had to reason to our partner how we knew what time the clock was showing. There were some fabulous explanations and children were definitely able to prove their understanding. smiley

We took it in turns to enter the 'Hot Seat' in the role of the shepherds from the nativity story. We shared the wonderful news we had heard from the angel Gabriel and how that news had made us feel. We then ordered the story of the angel's visit.

What's the time Mr. Wolf?

This week, Bethlehem Class have been tackling the very tricky subject of time. They have really impressed Mrs. Crosby with how quickly they have grasped O'clock and half past. 

Bethlehem Class did a wonderful job holding a Christingle assembly for their families. They each made their own Christingle and explained what each component represented. Finally, they lit their Christingles to show that Jesus is the light of the world.