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Term 1

05.09.2022 - Getting to know Galilee! To kick off the year, we started to learn about our class name location: Galilee. We found out about the incredible events that happened there, ordered them and acted them out in groups to show our peers. We produced some wonderful artwork for our display too!

06.09.2022 - Harvest Art! Today we created some beautiful harvest art to send to the church. We used view finders over secondary source images to 'zoom in' and focus on particularly detailed areas of the pictures.

07.09.2022 - The Circulatory System! In Science today, we learnt about the circulatory system. We organised and stuck down the different parts of the system along with their names and definitions.

09.09.2022 - Latitude and Longitude! Today, we worked in groups to label different maps with lines of latitude and longitude.

09.09.2022 - PE! Today we had our first PE lesson of the year. We played throw tennis, which was much harder than we thought it would be. We couldn't all play at once, so while we waited for the courts to be free, we practiced different ball skill challenges.We discussed what we can do next week to make the game more or less challenging depending on how we found today's game!

12.09.2022 - British Values: Democracy! Today we learnt about Democracy and why it is so important that we live in a democratic society. We started by exploring the difference between a democracy and a dictatorship. We then played a democracy board game, which triggered some very interesting debates and discussions. Some of us opted to write our school council manifestos during this time too.

12.09.2022 - Music! Today we learnt the difference between three and four time. We learnt two songs (one in three time and one in four time) and we used body percussion to accompany the song. Some of us were even chosen to conduct our class orchestra!

12.09.2022 - RE: Other Faith! Today we studied Judaism in our RE lesson. We used non-fiction texts to gather as much information as we could to fill up our whiteboard. Once we had revised what Judiasm is, we looked at Anne Frank - an inspirational Jew. We completed a timeline activity to help us understand what was happening in the war during her life, which helped us to understand why she was so inspiring.

13.09.2022 - VIPERS Pyramid Game Show! Today in Guided Reading, we all took part in a game show to practice our VIPERS skills. We had a variety of rounds, including freeze framing, drama and a speedy answer round!

13.09.2022 - Exploring the Woods! Today year 6 looked at an article explaining how the love-in-idleness flower had been seen in our woodland walk! The reporter - Mr O. Beron - asked if we could explore the conditions of the woods so that he could try and grow his own love-in-idleness flower. Little did we know, there was mischief at play...

13.09.2022 - Computing! Today was our first computing lesson with Miss Vedamuttu. This term, we are learning about e-safety, whilst mastering some basic Microsoft Office skills to complete our tasks.

14.09.2022 - A Visit from Father Arbo! A huge thank you goes to Farther Arbo for his visit to Galilee Class today. He gave us time to ask questions about him and his life, as well as questions about our faith. It was a lovely morning getting to know him!

14.09.2022 - Science! Today we learnt about the heart. We learnt about its role in the body as well as the different sections. We did a puzzle to begin with to see that a heart shape is much different to what we may think, we then did some labelling of diagrams in pairs.

15.09.2022 - Forest School! Today was our first forest school session of the term! We had an excellent time exploring our surroundings, climbing trees and building dens!

15.09.2022 - School Council! We learnt about democracy earlier on this term and we were able to put it into practice this week too! Well done to everyone who wrote a manifesto to share with the class. After our initial vote, we had six candidates to pick from. Today, we went into the hall, filled out our ballot papers and put them into the ballot box. Once the votes were counted, our new school council representatives were announced in assembly!

15.09.2022 - Art! Today we had our first lesson in our painting unit and we reminded ourselves of how to mix colours. We then started to label our tertiary colour wheels with the emotions or moods that we feel when we look at these colours. This will help us in our final piece when we pick a deliberate mood for our landscapes!

16.02.2022 - PE! Today in PE, we played a game called 'All Change' to help us develop our catching, reflexes and rapid response. We then tested our reflexes further with another game where we dropped the ball from a height and our partner had to rapidly catch it.

16.09.2022 - Drama in Guided Reading! Today we read the next section of A Midsummer Night's Dream and in order to embed it, we acted it out in groups. We made use of our outdoor theatre whilst performing!

16.09.2022 - Freshwater Theatre Workshop! We had such a fun time with Claire today! In just an hour, we did some really fun warm up games, freeze framed different settings of the play, threw some Shakespearean insults at each other and ended up performing the whole play together! This was a fantastic experience, so thank you parents for your contributions to make this happen.

21.09.2022 - Music! Today we used bean bags and threw them to help us with metre. We had a four, three and two throwing pattern to different songs to show how metre differs in different songs.

22.09.2022 - Forest School! Take a look at all of the fantastic activities we did today in Forest School!

23.09.2022 - Geography! Today we used a range of sources to find out the times in other parts of the world. We had a time zone map, atlases and iPads to help us with our task.

26.09.2022 - Functions of the Blood! Today in Science, we learnt about the four things that make up blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. We learnt about the functions of each of these and then made our own blood smoothies to embed what we had learnt!

28.09.2022 - Art! This week in art, we tested a variety of mediums to see the different effects we could create from objects other than brushes.

29.09.2022 - Another fantastic week in forest school! Den building, tree climbing and rope swinging. We also had a camp fire!

05.10.2022 - Music! Today we tried out a new scheme called Sparkyard! We had to follow different rhythms, which started easy but became progressively harder and harder. We even had a go at composing our own rhythms and teaching them to the rest of the class.

06.10.2022 - Science! Today in science we explored the different nutrients that our bodies need. We know that the blood transports nutrients around the body, so today we looked at the purpose of many different nutrients and the foods we can get them from. We created posters and then presented our findings to the rest of the class and learnt from each other!

12.10.2022 - Restart a Heart! Today we had Max from the fire service teach us how and when to perform CPR. We now know that we only perform this on somebody who is not responding and not breathing. We hope we never have to put this in action, but so that we are prepared, we all had a go at practicing this on Bob and Bob 2. We then had some time to learn about the recovery position, which is the position you put someone in if they are breathing but not responding to you.

11.10.2022 - Presenting our geography work to the rest of the class!

13.10.2022 - Art! In this week's art lesson, we created collaborative paintings for our class assembly. We were testing out the difference between water colours and poster paints to see which effects we could achieve with each. This has helped us with ideas for our final pieces next week.

14.10.2022 - Our class assembly! Thank you to all of the parents who took time out of their schedules to come and watch our assembly. We worked incredibly hard to write our narrations, act out the play, paint our scenery and learn our song, 'Come to the Globe'. Our speedy play of A Midsummer Night's Dream was a huge hit with the children, and they had such fun while creating it!

14.10.2022 - Geography! We began our lesson today by exploring Ordinance Survey map symbols. We had a quick retrieve activity to become more familiar with these. Then, we explored Sittingbourne on Digimaps to see which of these symbols were present. We used markers to plot the human and physical features of the area too.

20.10.2022 - PSHE Online Workshop!