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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Term 3

Week 5 - This week, in Maths we were continuing to look at fractions but where they go on number lines. In English, we were listening to music and linking to how sounds can express how you feel. We really loved this. In PE, we have been really enjoying cricket and using our throwing and batting skills. In Science, we looked at rainbows and how they are formed and then created our own rainbow magic.

Week 4 - In Maths, we were looking at fractions of amounts and using cake and biscuits to help introduce us. In English, we have been looking at how to use a thesaurus to help us use different synonyms for our emotive poetry. In Science, we looked at how to create the best boat that would sink or float using different materials. In Art, we started sewing our patterns for our teepee.

Week 3 - This week, we discussed our key word for our class display board 'Solidarity.' We used our sewing skills to create a banner. In Science, we looked our teeth experiment from last week with the eggs - it had some eye-opening results. In Maths, we finished learning about expanded addition and have just started Fractions. In Geography, we looked at Human Features of North America. We researched and made the features out of building blocks.

Week 2 - This week, we have been looking at subtracting on number lines in Maths. In English, we have started writing a narrative to The Crow's Tale. In Science, we are observing over time with eggs and how they link to our teeth to see how important it is to take care of our teeth. In Art, we used Binka to practice our sewing.

Week 1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR! As we start our first week in 2023, we were extremely busy! In English, we have been introduced to our new book 'The Crow's Tale' by Naomi Howarth. We have re-told the story in preparation for writing our own narrative. In Maths, we have been looking at place value and placing 3 digit numbers on number lines to 1000. In Science, we are working scientifically to 'Protect Eggward.' All Miss Morris told us to do was 'protect this egg.' Some of our ideas were fantastic!! In Art, we were introduced to sewing skills in order to make a TEEPEE at the end of the term. In PE, we are looking at dance and gymnastics.