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Week 2 - The Three Little Pigs

This week’s learning will be based on ‘The Three Little Pigs’. Please find below, lots of resources and ideas for work - parents, please do only what you and your child can manage - more resources = more choice but please don't feel you have to do it all! There should be enough choice for children, with the support of their parents, to be able to access work each day. The Oak National Academy website also has ‘The Three Little Pigs’ English lessons available which you may find useful.


Phonics: Please keep practising your Set 1 phonics every day - 10 or 15 minutes is all you need to do. I know some of you have started practising the Set 2 sounds, this is brilliant. Remember, you will find RWI lessons for Set 1 and 2 on the ‘Ruth Miskin YouTube channel’, the link can be found in the Phonics folder.


Can you sound out any of the characters or animals from ‘The Three Little Pigs’? Are you able to sound out some of the words like Fred Fingers does? Can you blend the words? I’ve seen some of you reading the Phonics Comics linked to the Set 1 and 2 RWI Sounds – if you haven’t, choose one and have a read. There are also some Read and Race games linked to different sounds.


Tricky words: Please keep practising the Set 1 Red Tricky words from last term and have a go at the new Set 2 Tricky words. The Red words are in the PowerPoints in the Phonics folder.


Reading: It is important that you continue to read every day. Keep up your great efforts by reading to your mum or dad or another member of your family. Why not WhatsApp nan, granddad or another family member and read to them? If you do, get mum or dad to send me a photo at or upload to EExAT. 


Last week, I received some of photos of children reading in unusual places – one behind a Christmas tree, one in the shower and one in a tent! Fantastic! smiley Can anyone think of other unusual places to enjoy reading? 


Try reading 'The Three Little Pigs' every day with your mum or dad...or brother or sister so you know the story really well.


Role Play: Could you use the role play masks and retell the story to your mum or dad? Can you remember the repeated phrases?


Writing: Can you write a simple sentence about the story? Can you use your sounding out skills? Are you able to imagine how the different characters were feeling - how did the little pigs feel when their houses were being attacked by the big, bad wolf? Could you design a ‘Wanted’ poster for the big, bad wolf? The Oak National Academy tab also has English lessons linked to the story. Get mum or dad to take a photo of it and send it to me or upload it on EExAT.


Maths: Work on your mental maths skills. Can you count up to 20? Can you count down from 10 to 0? What about from 20 to 0? If you need to, use a number line to help.


Print out or write number cards to 10 – mum or dad will hide the numbers behind their backs and show you them quickly without saying the number, can you show them how many it is with your fingers?


Play ‘Guess the Number’ with someone at home. Mum or dad might say, ’I am thinking of a number, it is next to 5, what could it be?’ Can you guess? How do you know?


Can you write out the numbers 0 – 20 on different pieces of paper? Can you sequence them? If you close your eyes and mum or dad takes one of the numbers away, can you work out which one? How do you know? E.g. ‘The missing number is 7 because it comes after 6 and before 8.’


There are lots of maths resources in the ‘Three Little Pigs’ folder and links to Maths lessons on The Oak National Academy website. Please, get mum or dad to email me photos of you working ( or upload them to EExAT.


Science / Understanding the World: Have a go at ‘The Three Little Pigs Materials Activity’ - if you can find any straw, wood or bricks – could you try building small scale houses? You might need adult support. Can you find different materials around your house and garden? How are they different? Which ones are natural, which ones are manmade?


Art & Design: Can you design and paint your own house? Could you add small sticks, tiny stones/pebbles or straw to your pictures to create different textures?


Lucky Dip: Surprise me! Send me a photo ( or video of you learning to do something that I wouldn't expect!


Parents, you will find lots of activities below linked to 'The Three Little Pigs’. As before, there are lots of resources and choice but the main thing is that children do at least 15 minutes every day on each of these key areas, plus lots of independent and creative play:


- Phonics 

- Reading 

- Writing

- Maths


I’ve also created a ‘EYFS Starters’ PowerPoint that may help with discussion and to help children get going, please find it below.


Good luck! smiley


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