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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

‘A love for God, ourselves and others’


Week One

DT - What are mechanisms? Today we explored what we mean by the term 'mechanisms' and went on a hunt in the classroom to find some. We then looked at gears and had a go at making our own. Check out our fantastic mechanisms!

PE - The awful weather and our playground being used for Bikeability meant that we couldn't do our usual PE lesson outside, so we still tested our PE skills by having a go at speed stacking. We didn't realise it would be so challenging!

Science - This week we started our new unit called 'Living Things and their Habitats'. We had some animals that we needed to classify into four groups, so lots of discussion was had! We then supported and refuted each other's groupings, using lots of scientific justifications.

PE - This term in PE, we will be thinking about the social aspect of PE. Therefore, we will be working out how we can work best as a team. We played a game today called 'River Crossing' where we had to get from one end of the playground to the other but with particular rules and parameters in place. It was a real test of our teamwork skills. We can take these skills and apply them to our basketball sessions later this term.