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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week Three

In Mrs Edmonds’ PE lesson, we started our ‘Physical’ cog unit. This term we will play lots of games that help us with our strength and balance.

In music, we played games to help us understand pulse and rhythm. Our game, 'Pass the Pebble', had us passing the toy on the first beat of the bar, then first and third etc.

We created a whole class tableaux of the Emerald City. We noticed what our bodies did to act out the objects in the city and used this to fuel our vocabulary. For example, the trees stretched up to the sky and the yellow brick road laid flat.

In Geography, we used atlas and time zone maps to work out the different times around the world compared to the time in Spain. The time zone map built on our learning about latitude and longitude.

In French, we translated a conversation of a person buying ice cream and then performed the conversations to the class.

In RE, we learnt about the Kingdom of God and the values of the kingdom. We understood after reading the parable of the mustard seed that we all have a seed inside of us ready to grow, but we need to follow the values and live life in Jesus' footsteps in order for our seeds to grow. We painted pictures to illustrate this.

We merged our computing and art lessons this week by looking at cold and warm colours. We made compositions by copy and pasting images from the internet into Microsoft Word.

In art, we used water colours and poster paints, comparing them as we went. We thought about the colour difference, the texture and the effects we can acheive from using both.

Year 6 at the St. Peter's Polling Station, voting for their new school councillors.

In Mrs Cooper’s PE lesson, we began our basketball unit. Today we learnt dribbling technique and tried to challenge ourselves by dribbling without looking at the ball and increasing our speed.

Congratulations to our new school councillors for year 6!