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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week Six

05.12.2022 - RE! Today in RE, we learnt about The Annunciation. We looked at some art work that depicted the event and after lots of discussion, we created our own art work depicting the scene. We then used tracing paper over the top of it to show how Mary and Gabriel would have been thinking at the time.

05.12.2022 - Music! This week in music, we composed our own cup rhythms and wrote our own versions of music notations. We performed our rhythms in pairs, then taught the class and then performed our compositions in an ensemble.

05.12.2022 - PE! Today, we played a new game called 'Kabadi'. We were in teams and went one at a time to try and steal the tags from the opposing team. This was a tricky game but we got the hang of it in the end!

06.12.2022 - Wizard Stories! We had a fantastic time listening to story teller, Phil, this week. He was incredibly funny and told us a funny but spooky story. He used his guitar to help create atmosphere and he kept making us jump when he did that! He also asked us to give our own suggestions for what happens next in the story. He suggested we go home and tell the story to our families or even write the story down, so we did just that. We headed back to our classroom and worked in pairs to get the story typed up, adding our own twists and turns as we went.

07.12.2022 - Science! This week, we finished our bread investigation, taking our last measurements and writing up our conclusions. Take a look at how mouldy some of the bread became!

08.12.2022 - In English this week, we have been writing haikus (Japanese short poems about nature). With the weather as beautiful as it was, we thought that we should really be in nature in order to write about it. Here we are, making the most of the frosty morning, before producing some beautiful poetry.

08.12.2022 - Family Trust Visit! As always, we love visits from the Family Trust. Today, they put on a performance called, 'Glory to the King'. We learnt about advent, joined in with some games, watched the scenes and learnt a new song and dance.

08.12.2022 - Spanish! Today with Miss Duggan, we continued learning how to say the different vegetables in Spanish.

09.12.2022 - Today, we added the electrical parts to our DT mechanical animals. We had plenty of time to explore the electrical equipment and remind ourselves of how to build circuits before figuring out how to attach these to our housing.