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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

‘A love for God, ourselves and others’


Years 5 - 6

Recommended by Jack, Year 6


"I loved this book, absolutely amazing, sad and funny"


Recommended by Sophia, Year 6


"I recommend this book because I loved reading it and I am sure other pupils would too.  I would definitely praise the author if I had the opportunity for writing such a great book, describing a journey of a young boy who is searching for his mother and discovers concealed secrets from the past."

Recommended by Jack, Year 6


"This is an adventure book and like nothing I have read before".

Recommended by Jack, Year 6


"A true story, an insight into Libby's life of dealing with autism.  I couldn't put it down".

Recommended by Karol, Year 6


"I recommend this book because it has action and sci-fi and I really like those genres.  It has some fun moments and close-to-full-devastation moments and because it is part of an equally fun series of books".


Target Age: 8-12

Recommended by Adrianna, Year 6


"I would recommend The Diary of the Wimpy Kid: Deep End by Jeff Kinney. This book is family friendly because they go on a holiday together, mistakes happen but then they are all happy at the end. The age group of this book would be 8 and above because there are jokes that younger children wouldn't understand".

Recommended by Isabelle, Year 6


"I enjoyed this book because the characters were adventurous and brave, and the storyline is action-packed. It is about two gypsy children called Emilia and Luka, whose family are put in jail by the Roundheads (Oliver Cromwell's supporters). The children -along with their animals- set off to find five charms that are scattered around the country, in the hopes that it will help them to rescue their family. But can they achieve this when they are suspected of a Royalist plot and being chased everywhere they go...?"

I rate this book 8/10 and recommend this for children aged 9 upwards.

Recommended by Denzel, Year 6


"This is a great book for Liverpool and Salah fans alike.  It shows in depth how Liverpool's Egyptian king went from the playground to the pitch and became a legend for Egypt and Liverpool.  It shows his journey from El Mokawloon to Basel to Chelsea to Florentina to ROMA to Liverpool.  The book shows his fantastic mix of hard work and talent and his 37 million transfer fee.  The book is written perfectly to just pick up and read.  It also shows his long list of achievements and awards".


Recommended Age: 8 - 12

Recommended by Alfie, Year 6


"It is a fun book, easy to read and you may think it is long but it’s not."


Recommended age: 6 - 10

Recommended by Serena, Year 6


"I recommend this book because it is humorous and it is based on World War Two.  Also, it is dramatic and every page is fun and adventurous.  I think it is for 8 year old and over because the book has a lot of words and pages.  Also it is more understandable at that age."

Recommended by Loana, Year 6


The author of both these series is Renee Russell and her age group is normally 9-13 but some people older than 13 also read them!  Why I recommend these books is because it is so relatable to every teenage girl and is so funny!