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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week Four

In science this week, we carried out an investigation surrounding the beaks of finches. We had different "beak types" and had to collect a variety of foods to work out how birds would need to adapt in order to survive on their diets.

This week in music, we looked at the history of rap music and performed the '1066 Rap' together, in groups and as a class.

This week in Geography, we were answering the question: what is French culture like? We were allowed to do whatever task we wanted, as long as we answered the question. Some of us made posters, some of us did some drama, some of us graffiti'd on the table and some of us did a mixture. We enjoyed having full creative control over our activity!

This week in cricket, we were learning how to bowl. We learnt more about the wicket and job of the wicket keeper and tried to get our bowling more precise.

In sewing this week, we finished attaching our fabric with over-stitch, began adding blanket stitch around the outside and used running stitch to add pockets.