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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Promoting Independence

Your child will really benefit from being as independent as possible. Of course, we will always be there to help, but they get such a sense of achievement if they can do something by themselves! There are many ways that you can help them be more independent when they get to school. Things to practise include:


  • Putting on and taking off their own jumper.
  • Being able to put their own coat on and zip it up.
  • Send your child in with velcro straps on their shoes and only start them wearing shoes with laces when they know how to tie them - shoes are on and off regularly.
  • Using the toilet independently, including washing and drying their hands.
  • Being able to blow their own nose on a tissue and know to put it in the bin.
  • If having a packed lunch from home, practise opening and closing the lunchboxes and containers they will be using. 
  • If having a hot dinner, practise using a knife, fork and spoon properly.


This may seem like a lot to focus on, but mastering some of these tasks will help your child to be more independent and will enable them to carry on with their learning without delay. smiley yes