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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week 4

We have made WANTED posters and placed them all around our school site. We have asked everyone to be on high alert and report any sightings of Wicked Professor Spade to Year 1. We are also asking all mums and dads to keep a look out and let us know if you spot any clues that could help us return Donald Duck to his lovely class.

Oh No! Our class teddy is missing!!

This morning, we found a letter on Mrs Crosby's desk. It was from Wicked Professor Spade, a villain from our class book Traction Man. He told us he didn't think it was fair that we had a class teddy - Donald Duck - so he has kidnapped him! He sent us the pictures above and said he was going to keep Donald sad We came up with lots of ideas of how we could get Donald back to his much-loved home in year 1. We agreed we will all need to work together as a school community to try and rescue Donald. We are working on wanted posters now to ensure everyone knows to look out for the Wicked Professor, watch this space...

In Maths, we have been learning all about symmetry. We have been identifying lines of symmetry in various shapes. We used mirrors to identify this and practiced our ruler skills while independently drawing the lines.

In Literacy, we have been constructing simple sentences relating to our class book using colourful semantics. We focused on the 'Wh' structure of sentence building - Who?, Doing what?, What? and Where? We were able to build some really interesting sentences before recording these in our books.


An example of this is - Who? Traction Man Doing what? is tickling What? the toes Where? in the bath.


Traction Man is tickling the toes in the bath.


In History, we made comparisons to present day school as opposed to school in the past. We couldn't believe some of the things that would happen in Victorian schools. We heard that 5 children would have to squeeze in-to a bench made for two, we tried this out in class and realised we would not get much work done squashed together like that!

This week in RE, we learnt all about the beginning of Advent. We discussed how Advent is a time for us to prepare for the coming of Jesus and is similar to when we countdown to an event we are really excited about. We learnt about the candle colours and decorated our own wreaths before finishing how we always do, with quiet and focused reflection time.