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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Week Five

This week's cricket focus was fielding!

Les Nombres en Francais!

Planning and performing our own raps in music!

Check out how our waistcoats are coming along in our art lessons!

In Geography, we researched the flora and fauna that is native to Europe!

Today was the NSPCC Number Day! We started the day by recapping our knowledge of angles. We went to the playground for an angle hunt and we had to find or make the angles that Mrs Cooper shouted out. Then we went back in the classroom to practise our use of protractors using masking taped tables. Finally, we completed Buddy's Challenge, which was sort of like an escape room. Our answers to our maths questions gave us a clue to a location where we then found a puzzle piece. The puzzle created a key to help Buddy get back on his space ship. We really enjoyed this activity!