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St Peter's Catholic Primary School

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Term 5

We have had a very busy term 5! We have been looking at forces in science. We have had a lot of celebrations too - We have celebrated some of our First Holy Communion, George won lots of trophies at his football ceremony AND we filled up class WOW jar so we got to have ice lollies on the field.

Week 2 - This week, we celebrated Jesus is Risen and created a banner to show all the symbols and emotions we think of when we celebrate this event. In Science, we looked at friction and why friction is created by two surfaces rubbing together. In Art, we looked at different ways to create tone. In PE, we continued our football skills.

Week 1 - This week, we started off our week with the Alleluia as we celebrate Easter and Pentecost. In Maths, we finished off our time topic. In English, we started writing our narrative about the pictureless book 'Float' by Daniel Miyares. In Science, we were looking at pushing and pulling forces. In PE, we were introduced to our social cog and football skills. In computing, we collected our own data and created our own spreadsheets and pie or bar charts.